I was born in Budapest nd I am currently dividing my time between Budapest and Mallorca.

+36 70 402 58 38
+34 641 836 664

In my commercial photography work, I specialize in the following fields:
- event photography with a natural touch
- working with NGOs, festivals and social, cultural projects
- working with dancers, jugglers and yoga instructors
- working with local businesses
- travel photography, tourism
- architecture
- creating memories for people shooting couples, wedding, portraits and children

In my teaching practice I do private photo tours and workshops. I have been also collaborating with an NGO working with Autistic people and with local governments teaching photography to youngsters.

I am committed to live and work in harmony with myself, the surroundings and the Planet.

I have worked for clients like:
European Institue of Innovation and Technology
Get Your Guide
Argentinian Embassy
Mexican Embassy
Inspirál Circus Centre
Climate Kic Hungary
Contemporary Archictecture Centre

Cofounder of Klipper Art Space.

I speak English, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, German and French. I do projects around Europe.


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